Who Does Cybersecurity Affect Today

Who Does Cybersecurity Affect Today?

Who does cybersecurity affect today? Is it only big corporations? The government? Well, let us find out in this article. So, keep on reading.

Who Does Cybersecurity Affect Today?

The Government

The government is not spared from cyberattacks either. The government can be hacked, just like big corporations can. Hackers can access and steal the government’s confidential data. They can then use it for their benefit.

The government is responsible for the people’s safety. The people need to feel safe and secure in their country. This security is at risk if hackers attack the government. And, that is exactly what happened in the UK last year when the National Health Service was attacked by a cyber attack.

The recent ransomware attacks on some US states are another example of how cyber attacks can affect the government. To deal with the attack, they spent millions of dollars. This affected the citizens in many ways since many of them could not access their important records.

Big Corporations

Cyber attacks occurred on big corporations like Yahoo, Target, and Sony. Thus, it highlights how vulnerable we are to cyber-attacks. These big corporations have huge amounts of personal data on their database. Hackers can use it for identity theft.

Cyber attacks on big corporations have been happening for some time now. There is no sign of it slowing down. So, they will only continue to happen. To protect themselves, big corporations will have to hire cybersecurity professionals. They need to find people to help them thwart cyberattacks before they occur.

Smaller Companies

Cyber attacks can also affect smaller companies in many ways. Smaller companies do not have the resources to deal with cyber attacks. That is why many hackers are out to target these companies. They will, therefore, need to spend money and hire cybersecurity experts. And, that is just the beginning. As they hire more cybersecurity professionals, their costs will continue to increase.

The Private Sector

For businesses to thrive, they need to share their information in a secure network. However, that network can be breached by hackers. They can access the personal and business information of those businesses. The hackers can then use this information and cause harm to those businesses and their customers.


It’s not just the businesses that are affected by cyber-attacks. The individuals are affected too because of the data breaches. That is, you and I.

As said, cyberattacks on big corporations have been happening for some time now. This means that people are already aware of the danger of cyberattacks. They know what cyberattacks can do and how much damage they can cause if they are not stopped in time. They have seen how cyber attacks have destroyed businesses and caused them to lose their jobs. So, there is a need to let everyone be more aware and active in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Affects Everyone Today

Cyber attacks can affect everyone today. It is not just big corporations. It is the government, big corporations, smaller companies, and even individuals. This is why everyone needs to regard cybersecurity as crucial and follow its best practices.

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