Threats To Information Security

What Are The Top Threats To Information Security?

Today, there are lots and lot of threats to information security. These can corrupt or steal valuable data of a company and can cripple them.

So, when an event happens that results in a network or data breach, it’s called a security incident.

But what are these threats? Let us take a look.

Threats To Information Security

Insider Threats

Insider threats are when someone from the company misuses the access they have. Whether it’s intended or not.

Then, this happens when employees do not follow company policies. Like clicking on phishing links, sharing their login info, or more.

But insider threats are not only limited to employees. It can be from contractors, partners, and third-party vendors.

Viruses and Worms

These two are malware that aims to destroy a company’s systems, data, and network. You can define each by:

  • Virus. A malicious code that gets many by copying itself to another program, system, or host file. It is dormant until someone clicks it. Thus, spreading the virus without knowing.
  • Worms. A worm gets many without the need to copy itself to a host program. Also, it does not need anyone to click it. It aims to infect other computers while still on the infected system.


What is a botnet? It is a group of internet-connected devices. Ones that are already infected by a common type of malware. These are devices like:

  • PCs
  • mobile devices
  • servers
  • IoT

Then, the botnet will spot a weak device across the internet. To infect as many devices as it can. These chatbots are then controlled by cybercriminals.

Why? To send spam emails, click fraud campaigns, and more.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks means breaking into normal security practices. Then, people giving out vital info without knowing it is malicious. Such vital data given are:

  • names
  • addresses
  • login info
  • Social Security numbers
  • credit card info

How does this happen? Hackers send out an email that may look real. Like posing as from Paypal, eBay, or more.

Then, they entice people to click a link then let asks them for vital info.


What is ransomware? It is when a computer gets locked by encryption. Thus, keeping victims from using their device or the data in it.

This can be then spread using:

  • email attachments
  • infected software apps
  • infected external storage devices
  • compromised websites

Then, to get their access back, the attacker asks for an amount of money. Usually, they ask for a virtual currency like Bitcoin as a ransom.


Malvertising is when attackers make use of real online ads and web pages. From big companies like The New York Times, Spotify, etc.

So, they inject malicious codes into it. One that can redirect users to websites or installs malware on their devices.

But users can be a victim even without clicking anything. And hackers may use this to deploy a lot of malware to get money.


So, there is now a lot of Infosec threats. Better be sure and avoid these listed above and more. No one wants to be a victim, right?

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