vp information technology salary

VP Information Technology Salary

Do you want to be a Vice President of Information Technology? Do you want to name the VP Information Technology Salary?

This work in the world of information technology is the first one. Aside from being a firm manager, this role gives pay above common.

So what is the VP Information Technology salary?

VP Information Technology Salary

The salary of a VP of IT depends on work. So let’s talk about each yearly pay including extras. Aside from the base annual pay, these add bonuses, rewards, and overtime pay.

First, an entry-level VP of IT with less than a year of study in the area can demand an average of $95,385 yearly.

Then, as he grows with his work, his total pay will then develop. With 1 to 4 years of life, a VP of IT can get an average of $117,784 yearly.

A mid-career VP of IT with 5 to 9 years of skill gets an average of a whole annual pay of $130,085.

Afterward, one becomes a skilled VP of IT with 10 to 19 years of data. He will then be able to get an expected $150,922 yearly salary.

In their late work, about 20 years and above, the required annual pay will rise. It will be an average of $162,972. Some even lead a salary of about $240,000 yearly.

Other Benefits

As mentioned above, these models only cover the base yearly salary. Also tips, benefits, and overtime pay.

Other benefits that come with being a VP of IT are:

  • Property or stock bonus
  • Retirement perks
  • Healthcare benefits (medical, dental, vision, etc.)

These are not limited to these ideas and changes per market.

Job Description

The Vice President of Information Technology is a high-level role. They manage the data technology area of their firm. 

Also, they lead the company’s technology directions. As well as IT grows and refreshes to all forms.

Their job description includes these essential words:

  • knowledge of organizational data orders
  • increase of software uses
  • implementation of base ways
  • IT support

Moreover, a VP of IT must also take these habits and skills:

  • Control
  • IT Control
  • IT Security and Infrastructure
  • Vital Project Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Strategic Planning

Aside from the technical skills, this area needs strong interpersonal tasks. That’s why leadership is starting on the table because they need to be able to control one or several IT sets.

Also, a VP of IT must be able to get good business contact with vendors and partners.

On the other hand, as someone who operates this high-level job, they normally work in a warm room. And operates in a 40-hour workweek.

Any work behind this workweek will be given by overtime payment.


To be able to work as a VP of Information Technology, you need to have a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Or Master’s Degree in Information Technology.

But it is most helpful if you have an MBA in data technology or Computer Science.

This is because firms want someone specialist in both IT and businesses.

To Conclude

So, are you included in the VP Information Technology salary? Surely, this study taught you. Do want to try this place or not?

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