vp information technology job description

VP Information Technology Job Description

Are you interested in the VP Information Technology job description? Are you seeing to be a VP of Information Technology?

The world of information technology has many high-paying careers. Near the top is being the Vice President of Information Technology.

Also, this is a step nearer to growing the Chief Information Officer or CIO.

So, what does a VP of Information Technology do?

VP Information Technology Job Description

The Vice President of Information Technology manages the IT department of an order. This is in looks to have the right technology at the right time and price.

The job term for this job is different from each firm. But, there are some basic requirements. In fact, some technical job stories are:

  • study of organizational information systems
  • growth of software applications
  • implementation of support systems
  • IT support

Also included in their goals are preparing and scheduling IT policies and plans. Such as:

  • data processing
  • network communications
  • business operations
  • computer services
  • information systems

Also, another section of his task is leadership as he is a business executive. For example, the VP of IT must lead one or many IT teams depending on the group size.

He must also take care of high-level jobs. This includes being able to know new data technologies. And then, being able to examine and combine it within the firm.

Additionally, they may manage the growth of uses and technologies within the business. And assure stability in a company’s computer system and operations.

This is to make the company future-proof.

Other areas of his jobs are to:

  • achieve the company’s best practices
  • govern control
  • ensuring objectives are achieved 
  • do risk management
  • resource allocation
  • plan prioritization
  • study and new systems
  • support software products and services

As a business executive, the VP of IT works in a comfortable office with a 40-hour workweek. But, travel to appointments or satellite offices may be needed.

Education and Experience

To be a VP of IT, one must have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Or a Master’s Degree in Information Technology. 

If you want to be one, assure you you have this qualification. Additionally, your information should not be limited to IT, but also a market.

So it’s better to make a Master of Business Administration or MBA in Computer Science or IT.

Experience-wise, companies tend to ask applicants to have at least 20 years or more. This may vary per firm but it is not an unusual length.

Aside from the years of your life, it should also include experience in:

  • computer works
  • computer programming
  • system design

This is to assure that the applicant is well-rounded. And also, knows all looks of data technology.


As a high-level view, you can require this work to have a high-paying salary. According to the latest story, the VP of Information Technology usually earns $102,000 to $204,000.

This is just the base salary excluding the tip, fees, and bonuses one can get. Overtime pay beyond the 40-hour workweek is also required. 

To Conclude

The VP Information job description might sound scary for some. But if you are one of those who enjoy this area and have enough skill, then this is for you. It will be fun and fulfilling work.

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