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VP Information Skyworks: Meet The Directors

VP Information Skyworks: Meet The Directors. The success or failure of a business or company depends on the shoulders of the Board of Directors.


President of the Council
David J. Aldrich, aged 63, has been Chair of the Board of Management of Skyworks Solutions, Inc. since May 2014. From May 2016 to May 2018, Mr. Aldrich was Executive President. In 2002, Aldarich became Chief Executive Officer by a merger between Alpha Industries and Conexant Systems’ wireless company. Further, he served as Executive Director before being appointed Chief Executive Officer. He held a position since April 2000 as chairman and CEO of Alpha Industries before the formation of Skyworks. In 1995, he joined Alpha Industries as Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer. Besides, held many management roles in the following years. In the past, he exercised managerial roles with M/A-COM and Adams-Russell.


Since 2019, Alan S. Batey, 57, is a manager. Until recently Herr Bat-man and chairman at General Motors of North America and Global Market Leader at Chevrolet, an affiliate for GM. He has spent over 39 years in the fields of industry, marketing, and distribution in numerous senior management roles worldwide.


Since 2004, Kevin L. Beebe, 61, is a manager. He became President and CEO of 2BPartners, LLC, an alliance between private equity and management that offers strategic and financial resources and organizational advice. Further, Mr. Beebe joined Astra Capital Management as the managing partner in 2014. Besides, Mr. Beebe was formerly the Division President of ALLTEL, an ATS service firm, starting in 1998. Astra was a private equity company headquartered in Washington, DC. He worked with 360o Telecom, a cellular communications firm as Executive Vice President of Operations from 1996 to 99. He held a series of managerial and executive roles at different branches of Sprint, including Vice President, Sprint Cellular Marketing and Administration, Sprint North Central Marketing Officer, Technical and Operations Director, and Management Board.


A director since 1998, Timothy R. Furey, 62. Since 1991 has been Head of Executive Divisions MarketBridge, a private company in emerging information and services industries. For Fortune 1,000 companies in the electronics, communications, financial technology, life sciences, and consumer products industries MarketBridge offers digital marketing, predictive analytics, and sales efficient solutions. Furthermore, Furey acts as a Technology Strategy Division Managing Director, consulting, and investing in new growing social media, mobile, and marketing automation firms. Before 1991 he was associated with the Boston management firm, strategic strategy partners, Kaiser associates, and the Center for Marketing Research.


Liam K. Griffin, 54, Chairman and CEO of Skyworks Solutions Inc. He is also the director. Then he was President from May 2014 until he was appointed CEO and Chief Executive Officer in May 2016. He was Executive Vice President and General Manager for all of the Skyworks corporate divisions from November 2012 to May 2014. Mr. Griffin has also held the positions of Managing Vice President and Chief Executive Officer for high-performance analog and Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing since joining Skyworks in 2001.

Previously, he was Vice President of Corporate Operations at Dover Company, Vectron International. Prior to that he held positions in product marketing and process engineering at the Microelectronics and Network Systems firms of AT&T.

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