VP Information San Diego Salary

VP Information San Diego Salary In 2020

Know how much VP Information salary in San Diego. Also, how someone can qualify for one of the most in-demand jobs?

VP Information Job Duties

The VP of information technology is usually responsible for the following.

  • Designs
  • Development and implementation
  • Software applications
  • IT support and infrastructure systems.

Also, they are direct and manage the following parts of the company.

  • IT plans
  • Scheduling
  • Policies and programs in the data process
  • Network communications
  • Business operations
  • Computer services and management information systems

Also, a company executive, the VP of information technology attends the leadership role. Moreover, his/her task may conclude as a high-level task.

Such as identifying arising information technologies that need to test. Also, applying the assimilation and mixing it within the organization.

Another duty of the VP information is leading the technology planning. They install development best practices during the organization.

He/She does it while overseeing control and ensuring objectives. Also, another list of VP’s information duties are.

  • Venture administration
  • Reserve allocation
  • Outline prioritization
  • Analysis and guidance of the updated system. Also the software products and services.

Education Attainment And Training Qualifications

Candidates must have the following.

  • MBA specializes in information technology management.
  • Experience in the same field.
  • Background in computer science or information technology.
  • Moreover, candidates that MBA specializes in information technology management has able to:
  • Provide profitability with knowledge of the relationship. Also it evolves in business and corporate level technology policy.
  • Test problems about data systems and plan easy solutions.
  • Use modern business principles basic to a high-tech company.
  • Drive-by data control complexities in a global business context.
  • Support developed knowledge also skills to work as a vice president of IT.

VP Information San Diego Salary: Updated 2020

The Average Salary is up to $267. 847. That is $129 per hour.

Also, the average bonus is up to $ 42, 989.

But, the average is between $181, 200 as the lowest and $ 339, 700 for the highest-paid. So the highest-paid is usually the Bachelor’s degree VP information.

Moreover, there are about 89, 200 jobs for the VP information in San Diego alone. That is a great range already.

The list is VP of information technology by location.

  1. Eastsound, Washington – $ 247, 000
  2. Rockledge, Florida – $ 242, 000
  3. Lahaina, Hawaii – $ 235, 000
  4. Douglas, Georgia – $ 228, 000
  5. Storm Lake, Iowa – $ 215, 000

The list is VP information salary by cities.

  1. San Francisco, California – $ 298, 000
  2. Capitola, California – $ 271, 000
  3. California City, California – $ 269, 000
  4. Reedly, California – $ 260, 000
  5. Madera, California – $ 260, 000

Lastly, the similar job titles to VP information salary

  1. Top IT officer – $ 268, 000
  2. System & Programming Director – $ 184, 000
  3. Hardware Design Director – $ 183, 000
  4. Computer Operations Director – $ 167, 000
  5. Hardware Design Manager – $ 150, 000

VP Information Job List For San Diego, California

VP, Electronic Banking Channels, and Payments Manager – Location is La Jolla, CA, USA. Silvergate has the technology platform also expertise to develop fintech solutions.

VP, Global Infrastructure – Location is Temecula, CA, USA. The Perceptyx, INC

VP, Engineering (Remote Area) – Location is San Diego, CA, USA – SOCi

SVP, Finance, and accounting – Location is San Diego, CA, USA. Platinum Resource Group

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