VP Information On Hillsborough Community

VP Information On Hillsborough Community College

VP Information On Hillsborough Community College. HCC was one of Florida’s last community colleges founded in 1968.


HCC was one of Florida’s last community colleges founded in 1968. Besides, only the 28-school Florida Community School, Pasco–Hernando State College, later created.
In January 2008, Hawk’s Landing, called after the school mascot, opened its first hall. Moreover, this distinguishes the HCC as its own hall as one of the few community colleges.


The university comprises five campuses in the entire county. Locations include: Brandon, Dale Mabry, Plant City, South Shore, and Ybor City (on the south shore of Tampa Bay in Ruskin). Further, in the Airforce Base of MacDill (SouthTampa/Plant City Aligned) and in the Regent, you can hear more from the Brandon Campus. Furthermore, there are also training centers on the Brandon Campus. The Davis Islands, next to downtown Tampa, is home to administration offices and the headquarters.

Academic profile

The quantity of affiliated degrees produced by HCC has risen to over 43,000. In 2010, HCC was 8th in the state and 20th in the country.

In 2007, Dr. Lydia was a vice-prime minister in the National Collegiate Honors’ Council by Dr. Lydia Lyons, Head of the Honors Institute. Further, she was Chairman of this group in 2009[6] and now serves as Vice Chairman of the Southern Regional Honor Committee, the Honors Organizer Lauren Fuzzy. Hence, graduates are sent annually to universities and colleges like Boston University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Mount Holyoke College, UCLA, University of Davis, Virginia Tech, and Yale.

Life for Students

The Florida State College Events Association HCC takes part in the Suncoast Conference in Division I of NJCAA Region VIII (FSCAA). The school’s mascot is Hawks. Besides, the activities include male baseball and football, female basketball and softball, tennis, and volleyball. The school’s contests will be on the WMNF 88.5 HD4 school and on the school’s sports site. Further, they used the Dale Mabry campus for basketball.

Athletes of extraordinary significance

The baseballer who played in the Expos and the Phillies was Robert Mosebach, born in 1984.
An outfielder for the Indians and Rangers in 1974, Garry Hancock.
Football player in Israeli Basketball Premier League, Othello Hunter (born 1986).
Baseball player Chad Zerbe (born 1972) played for the Dodgers in 1991.

Community College is

A school in the neighborhood. Moreover, the word may have many significances in various countries. Hence, several community colleges are publicly enrolled in high school students (also known as senior secondary school). Typically, the word refers to a university that delivers staff preparation and university transition schemes. Further, some institutions hold the like of their university peers for sports teams and dormitories.

Hillsborough County

In the West Central part of Florida, Hillsborough County is a county. The population in 2010, which was 1,229,226, was Florida’s largest population county and the largest county in the region south of Miami. Moreover, according to the census report of 2019, the estimate for the population of Hillsborough County has a population of 1,471,968. Hence, which itself is higher than the population of 12 states. Tampa is the county’s head office and the chief town. Metropolitan of Petersburg–Clearwater.

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