VP Information McHenry County

VP Information McHenry County: What Does It Offer?

VP Information McHenry County provides departmental client base with timely, courteous, sensitive support. Offers technical help, and advice.

Declaration of mission:

To provide our departmental client base with timely, courteous, sensitive support. We offer technical help, guidance, and advice for our customers.

Progress Report on the Business Plan

We are happy to deliver this strategic plan progress report in line with the McHenry County Corporate Responsibility Value.
Besides, we also developed this Strategic Plan Progress Report for allowing the public to see how we are doing. Further, how we are meeting the priorities laid out in the Strategic Plan, to ease the organization’s openness and accountability.

Strategic plans for strategic issues

Governance and leadership
Services and internal development
Infrastructure for Efficiency
Healthy climate and sustainable growth
Growth of the economy and labor force

County Proposals for McHenry

While the ultimate vision of the McHenry County Board is a Master Strategy, McHenry County has aims to resolve such problems, such as the plans mentioned below.

Action Plan for Water Resources
Eco Building Initiative for McHenry County
Local Food Assessment Study and recommendations from McHenry County
Program for Storm-water Control

Economic Development

McHenry County is taking on this role in the County for industrial growth. Further, includes a public/private partnership strategy under contracts with McHenry County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC). Hence, this strategy offers the attention and experience needed to encourage sustainable growth in the county. Moreover, to support local economic development activities without additional county personnel and services being expected to devote themselves. They offer a range of tools, services, and knowledge to help your business planning decisions. 

Clean Energy (C-PACE) Industrial Property

C-PACE proposes low-cost, long-term financing in industrial buildings for energy efficiency. Further, for clean energy, and water recycling programs (C-PACE Financing). In order to upgrade structures, such as HVAC, lighting, and solar photovoltaic (PV). Besides, we may give systems for existing buildings and new construction projects to the owners of the land. Moreover, with a 100 percent upfront funding by private finance providers for up to 30 years.

Visions and Goals

A joint economic growth policy within the three districts that stresses connectivity, coordination, and harmonization.
Moreover, the company programs, shared assets, and zone promotion for investment.

Effective production, advancement, diversification, market development. Hence, promote work growth and creativity throughout the country.
Moreover, enhance the availability of trained and versatile staff to address current and growing needs effectively technologies and markets.

A wide range of services, based on transport, services, and connectivity to the needs of area companies, effectively met.
Furthermore, to encourage sustainable economic growth and refurbishment of commercial and industrial properties under-used. Including brownfields and trends to promote land use development and protection of natural resources.


As transportation plays a crucial role in economic growth, regional partners agree that it is important to collaborate together to prepare and facilitate crucial road and rail improvements.
Therefore, a wide spectrum of transport, service, and connectivity networks to address the needs of enterprises in the area effectively.

A powerful transport network unites the country. The important thing is the area. Further, located at the interconnection between major highways, railways, and airways near Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee.

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