VP Information Dallas Salary Report

Ever curious how much the VP Information Dallas salary is? Are you looking into becoming a VP of IT in the third-largest Texan city?

Worry not. In this article, we will discuss that. We will even take a look at some facts about Dallas, Texas.

If you are interested, keep on reading.

Lone Star State’s Triple D: Dallas, Texas

As mentioned above, Dallas is the third-largest Texan city. With an estimated population of 1,343,573 in 2019.

It is home to 10 companies that are included in the Fortune 500 last year. Which includes AT&T, Energy Transfer, and Southwest Airlines among others.

This means more chances for locals and newcomers to be part of these known companies.

Also, Dallas is the largest metropolitan in the country that is not on a navigable body of water.

Did you know? The first 7-Eleven was built in the city. And its headquarters are even located there.

With these facts, let’s add one more. The average salary of a VP of IT in the area. How much is it?

VP Information Dallas Salary Report

As Dallas is a thriving city, the salary average must be competitive. And it shows in how much they compensate for their VPs of IT.

Aside from the base annual salary, they can also enjoy tips and bonuses. 

A VP of IT has a 40-hour workweek. So, if there is work beyond these, they are given extra overtime pay.

Considering these cash benefits, the annual average salary of a VP of IT in Dallas can be up to $150,724.

A range between $111,000 and $261,000 is also possible. Competitive, right?

Also, a VP of Information Technology’s salary depends on experience. Each level of experience means a higher average.

An early-career Vice President can earn about $112,500 per year on average. They are the ones who only started as a VP for the past 1 to 4 years.

When he spends more time on the job, his average salary will also increase. It can be around $132,441. This is for those VPs of IT with 5 to 9 years of experience.

Then, 10 to 19 years on the field makes one an experienced VP of IT. They can earn a yearly salary of $148,494 on average.

Last, the VPs of IT in their late-career can earn the largest average annual salary. This can be around a whopping $159,314.

VP Information Dallas: Other Benefits?

If you want to know if this is all, then of course not! A VP of IT in Dallas can enjoy other cash and non-cash benefits.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Commissions
  • Health benefits (dental, vision, medical, etc.)
  • Stock compensation
  • Retirement benefits

But, note that it varies per company. They can have a completely different set of benefits or more aside from these. 

The point is, as the VP of IT means being a company’s executive, one is given a lot of benefits. One that can compensate with all the responsibilities that he needs to take care of.


So, does a VP Information Dallas salary sound nice to you? With how Dallas is a nice place to live and the competitive salary they offer, are you willing to try moving there?

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