VP Health Development

VP Health Development For Growth

VP Health Development For Growth handles the planning to execute the organization’s goals within the OEM market division of healthcare.

Company Overview

Diameter Health cures clinical data dysfunction. Further, makes a clinical insight normalize, across the whole healthcare spectrum.
This offers a centralized source for better treatment. Besides, an action analyses of long term standard patient knowledge.

The scope

The scope of a health-care network allows institutions, to rely on multi-purpose data sources. For instance, health information exchanges (HIE), accounting companies (ACOs), and health networks. As well as health-care plans.

The mission

Diameter Health is a fast-changing private business.
Our mission is to transform health care. By being a mainstream de facto healthcare data technology hub independent of too many requirements.
Our team consists of people who aspire to transform with an innovative spirit.

Overview of work

In order to do the company’s goals, the VP of Strategic Growth must set up and execute the OEM business area.
Responsible for the creation of strategic plans focused on company objectives. Further, to support the business’s growth in sales. Moreover, to enhance customer loyalty and retention of partners.

The duties

The general vision and annual OEM plan and support. Including the increase in scope and profits for the company’s network. So, to support the organization’s goals and objectives.

Alliances are the primary focus of this position. Hence, efforts in planning and business growth are also important. Besides, the provider market segment.

Creates the OEM/Partner Approach. The history and exclusive messaging of the company with senior management.
Further, ensures that contact is organized. Then, facilitates the goals of the OEM strategy. Furthermore, satisfies the criteria for operational costs.

More duties

Recommends OEM methods focused on the business and strategic analyzes.
Develops innovative product growth feasibility tests / business plans.

Strengthen long-term ties with OEM/partner firms as the main contacts.
Keep a stable OEM/partner pipeline in the quest for new clients and revenue chances.

Deal closely with sales and marketing executives and departments. For instance, Salesforce.com, email marketing, social media, and web marketing.

Extra duties

Create initial health system plan ‘go to market.’Including technology/service and sales pitch.
Define original health systems for marketing, targeting and price confirmation.

Sales and distribution partners to have healthcare systems in a bigger sales company.
Act alongside sales managers to improve various sales techniques.

Further, build flexible tasks and team accountability mechanisms.
Manage and enforce sales in the OEM and dealer segments. Finally, does other activities as delegated relevant to it.

Ideal experience/skills

There is a need for a ten years of experience in: (a) health technology at the industry leadership stage (b) in the growth of business, (c) strategic relationships and/or (d) customer services skills.

Strategic and plan experience. Hence, contracting experience, agreements and handling of transition.
Further, knowledge of structured sales quota targets and projections of income.

Professional and leadership skills required for written and verbal communication.

Ability to inspire teams. Moreover, to deliver quality products during deadlines while overseeing many tasks. And the ability to engage in community meetings and to encourage them.

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