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Types Of Cyber Security Assessment

Your company can be the next target of cyber-attacks. So let a cyber security assessment help you determine it and plan ahead.

All About A Cyber Security Assessment

What is a cyber security assessment all about? It is a service that involves risk-based approaches.

A cyber security review and improve the guard mechanism against cyber-attacks. So this will help to determine the risk, that could affect the reliability of your system. 

Who Needs This Cyber Security Assessment?

Everyone needs this, even you! With this digital area, no one is exempt from cyber-attacks. 

Moreover, with the increasing amount of cyber threats. It is better for your company to apply this. 

It is important to do a cyber security assessment to determine risk. Also, to make a precautionary plan to stay safe in your network system.

Another goal of cyber security assessment are the following:

  • Network mapping for overall management.
  • Risk modeling
  • Network security analysis
  • Vulnerability evaluation for the host.
  • Audit of network components and hardware.
  • Risk reduction analysis
  • Documenting and reporting

Moreover, it is a continuous activity. This is together with the cyber security assessment, network auditing, and penetration testing.

Part of the assessment should also cover the following:

  • Configuration of Wi-Fi access is evaluated to ensure its security.
  • Evaluating the firewall rules.
  • Disabling insecure protocols such as SSLv3 and TLS v1.0
  • Excluding the weak encryptions such as RC4 and 3DES
  • Verifying password and login policies.

Also, there are different types of cyber security assessment. We will tackle a few of them. We will also give a brief explanation of when should we apply them.

Vulnerability Assessment

This method is gathering as many as possible vulnerabilities in your IT environment. Moreover, during the test period, you will able to see the possible impact of the attack.

It can be applied to all parts of the system. Recovery options and scenarios are also part of it.

When to perform this? 

Usually, it is appropriate when your security has done nothing much. Why? Because the purpose here is to fix the defects as possible. 

Penetration Testing

With penetration testing, a precise target is inspected. An example is domain rights that prone to hacking.

So the result of penetration testing will show what is the security current stands. If it’s still sufficient or no longer.

When to perform? Usually, use to confirming the following:

  • configuration of software
  • version management
  • local written code

Red Team Assessment

A red team assessment is a group of people who assess your company’s security. 

When is it appropriate?

 This team is useful in your companies if you apply advanced network security tactics.

An IT Audit 

An IT audit outlines whether the current state configuration meets the desired compliance rule. Also, this can be based on technical features and documentation.

When to perform it? The time when you demonstrate compliance. However, it seems not to prove the level and variety of network security.

IT Risk Assessment 

A risk assessment will define the adequate level and real risk. Also, there are two dimensions to this:

  • probability
  • impact

When is it relevant?

It is like an umbrella term for mapping. So it is useful and will be applicable in many cases.

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