Threats To Information Security

The Threats To Information Security

Learn the following threats to information security and the way they behave. So you can be more aware and ready.

Introduction About The Threats To Information Security

We all know that technologies now is growing. Many companies are depending on their data in cloud storage.

However, it could lead to an unfortunate event. Such as facing threats to information security.

So today we will discuss those threats that we might encounter. Such as the following:

Moreover, a threat is anything that someone could take advantage of you. It comes with vulnerability or breaches of security.

Also, Software attacks are the use of trojans, viruses, and many more. We will discuss later the damage to it.

Also, many users are confused about malware, virus, worms, and bots being the same. However, they are not. So we will also, tackle that more.

Though they have similarities, it is better to know how they behave.

Threats To Information Security: The Malware

Malware or malicious software means the process of disruption of your program code. Also, it is something that could perform malicious actions on your system.

There are two categories of malware. Here are the following:

  1. Infection methods
  2. Malware actions

Infections Methods

The infection methods are the following:

  • Virus

They can replicate by themselves. It works by hooking in your programs in the faces of videos, songs, or on the internet.

There is a creeper virus that has been detected by the Arpanet. These are the following:

  • Macro virus
  • File virus
  • Boot sector virus
  • Stealth virus
  • Worms

The worms can also replicate in the process of nature. However, in another method.

Not by hooking in your programs. Worms differ from the virus in terms of worms are network-aware. They travel through the computer to another network.

Also, the target is the machine by consuming the hard disk. So, as a result, it can slow the operations of your computer.

  • Trojan

Trojan works in concealing their purpose inside the software. It seems legit.

However, when the system starts to operations data, it steals it.

  • Bots

It is more advance than the worms. They automate processes that are created to interact over the net.

Moreover, it works, without any human supervision. It can be used in good things or in a bad thing.

However, the malicious bot can infect you by the connection to your central server. It provides a command that can infect your network.

Malware Actions

So for the malware actions, here are the parts of it.

  • Adware 

It is usually not malicious software. However, it can act to breach your privacy. 

  • Spyware

It is a program that monitors your activity like a stalker. Then it will reveal the collected data that could be threats to you.

  • Ransomware

A malware that encrypts your personal files. Every detailed gather is used to collect money from you. 

  • Scareware

It will trick you as a tool that helps to fix your software. But the purpose is to infect your computer and destroy it. 

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