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Information Security Specialist: Tasks And Salary

Are you an information security specialist? Are you looking to hire one? Or, you are curious about what an information security specialist does. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at all those questions below.

What Do Information Security Specialists Do?

Well, they are in charge of promoting. Also, performing security measures for their organization.

Also, they are responsible for examining existing security procedures. Then, they’ll offer suggestions to upper management for change. Such as increasing efficiency and extra security.

Moreover, they perform findings to managers and suggest new technologies or policy modifications.

Furthermore, researching security measures and concerns are also their thing. As a result, they can develop effective strategies to reduce security risks. Also, to strengthen systems and techniques. Thus, secretly controlling sensitive information.

Security Assessment

Besides, the design and study security assessments. Thus, comparing previous and current risk performance.

Then, they can decrease security threats by:

  • monitoring infrastructure and devices
  • identifying security flaws
  • using control analysis to follow up with a prompt solution

Adjust Access

Also, they adjust authorities in software packages. Thus, preventing non-authorized use, as well as check firewalls and switches. As a result, it can mitigate data loss and identity theft.


They generally work full time in an office environment. They report their progress to the information technology officer. Or, a supervisor in their department.


But, being a specialist needs certain things. For example, a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Also, informational security or a related field is required for this position.

Or, you can present your previous experiences in information security. Also, certifications in industry and security.

For your personality, you have to have strong interpersonal skills. Also, having strong analytical skills is ideal. And problem-solving skills to stop technical obstacles.

Moreover, these professionals must have an exceptional understanding of user authentication. These have to be on methods and project management experience.

Furthermore, they also can work on their own. At the same time, perform in a team setting. Thus, grasping business goals.


  • Execute, proctor, and control policies and standards for information technology-related controls
  • Correlate with other departments to raise awareness and training on security protocols.
  • Supervise and observe the routine administration of the information security department.
  • Scheme audits of computer systems to ensure operational security and protection from attack.


An entry-level Information Security Specialist has experience of less than 1 year. Thus, it can expect to receive an average total compensation of $58,745 based on 23 salaries. This includes tips, bonuses, and overtime pay.

Moreover, an early career Information Security Specialist has experience of 1-4 years. Thus, it earns an average total compensation of $67,597 based on 349 salaries.

Furthermore, a mid-career Information Security Specialist has experience of 5-9 years. Thus, it makes an average total compensation of $85,830 based on 159 salaries.

Then, an experienced Information Security Specialist with 10-19 years of experience. It earns an average total compensation of $95,970 based on 187 salaries.

Lastly, in their late-career (20 years and higher), employees gain an average total pay of $102,249.

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