Information Security Officer Salary

Information Security Officer Salary

Do you want to know the Information Security Officer salary? Are you interested in the position and do you want to be one soon?

Today, information security or Infosec is getting more crucial. As the day goes by, more and more threats are rising. And lots of companies became victims of data loss or more.

So, more companies, especially big ones, are hiring an Infosec Officer. What is this person’s role and how much is the average salary they earn?

If you want to be one, read on to know more.

Information Security Officer Roles

An Infosec Officer is the main person to ensure data security within a company. They will be the ones to install tech solutions that will keep any internal and external users.

From what? From misusing data and putting its integrity in danger. Then, they make use of devices like routers to protect data. By needing details before getting into vital data.

Also, they make use of any software apps to avoid any unwanted access.

But that is not all. They also need to train all the people that use the systems in place. This is to make sure they use these well and give them tips on how to avoid any data corruption.

Further, they make some security measures that all need to follow. Like doing regular backups to vital info to any cloud-based or physical devices.

Then, they make and give different logins to users. And they check with the executives for:

  • any security issues
  • proposal for new solutions
  • make update schedules

Additionally, the Infosec Officer works in an office with lots of hardware needed. And internet access to install need software.

But with all these roles, how much do they make?

Information Security Officer Salary

Being an Infosec Officer means a lot of duties on their plate. So, their annual pay should give them proper credit.

That is why the average salary for an Infosec is around $92,276 per year. Looks nice, right?

But this may range from $57,000 to a whopping $144,000 a year. Nice! This makes up the base pay, bonus, tips, and commissions.

For every level of in being on the role comes a different average. Let us see a breakdown:

  • Entry-level of less than one year comes up to an average of $66,943 annual salary.
  • The early career of one to four years can come up $76,478 average salary per year.
  • Mid-career with five to nine years can get and an average of $91,566 a year.
  • An experienced one with ten to nineteen years can get around $107,079 per year.
  • Let-career ones with 20 years and more can get a whopping $114,220 annual average pay.

But that is not all the perks they enjoy. Most Infosec Officers enjoy these together with their annual pay:

  • Health benefits (medical, dental, vision, etc.)
  • Stock compensation
  • Retirement benefits

Last Words

So, what do you think of these perks? Being an Infosec is nice right? What are you waiting for? If you have all that is needed to be one, go ahead and write that resume and grab the role!

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