Information Security Internal Audit

Information Security Internal Audit: What Does He Do?

Information Security Internal Audit works on audit programs. In keeping with the audit technique of IIA. This including cyber/data protection, and device activity in compliance with audit ventures.

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Definition of job

An Internal Auditor follows Accenture’s auditing methods. Besides, the International Norms of the Institute of Internal Auditors. The Internal Auditor executes audit programs. Further, concentrates on cyber/data management, computer processes, and IT adherence auditing programs.
They prepare and put in place job projects. Further, recognize guidelines for the improvement of global systems. Also, they control the reporting of the outcomes and monitoring of reported problems.

Significant responsibilities

(1) IT belongs to the role and career level of the Internal Auditor.
(2) Takes part in detailed planning and communicates the risk-based plan. Including Special Project Requests of the Audit Committee.
(3) Further, checks that the operating procedures of the company are adequate. Whether the (IT) systemic audit program works well.
(4) So, helps develop the annual audit plan and timeline of the Company.
(5) Manage work of the audit, including an audit work plan, work papers, results, and related reports.

More major duties

(6) To ensure enough evidence is available to confirm completed audit and findings. Further, prepares & manages the compilation of audit reports and work papers.
(7) Conducts integrated IT audits with the designated Technical team. Along with the financial, and analysis audit teams.
(8) Handles the delegated cyber/data protection. Besides, IT processes, distribution of IT services, and compliance audits.
(9) Identifies the openings for improved global procedures, advice, and studies.
(10) Selects potential for ongoing technical, protection, financial, and other processes. Further, enhance, as well as for the risk management of the company.

Additional responsibilities

(11) Handles the relation with auditors through participation in meetings, discussion of the results. Besides, the skilled delivery of draft and last reports.

(12) Organize well-written and timely accounting reports. Along with a high-quality strategy and board reporting updates.

(13) The growth of auditing skills and the institution of risk-related partnerships.

(14) Adds to the IA team’s necessary expertise (e.g., hiring, training and growth, coaching, job development).

(15) Maintains up-to-date on business strategy and practices. Besides, infrastructure and auditing latest trends. Moreover. updates local, state, and federal regulations.


Bachelor’s Degree of or Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Information Systems. Including, Business Administration, Accounting, or Finance.

CPA or some other credential comparable (i.e. CIA, CISA, or CISSP)

A minimum of five years of IT auditing, hybrid auditing/IT auditing or related information management or IT roles.

Qualifications preferred:

(1) Certification of CPA, CIA, CISA or CISSP
(2) Experience in global internal auditing
(3) Cybersecurity Experience

(4) Moreover, a strong operational, compliance and IT auditing knowledge

(5) Application and support, and emerging technologies, broad IT. Besides, knowledge of infrastructure technologies (networking, data centers, servers, etc.).

(6) Windows, UNIX and Microsoft Office 365 experience.

(7) Finally, SAP knowledge and experience in auditing

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