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Information On Arizona Federal Credit Union That Matters Compete in the current financial services, insurance, and lending sectors.

Unions need to be able to rapidly and efficiently recognize business openings. According to Federal Credit Union for Arizona, improving mobile and web services is key for membership retention and development. To continue to have resources to support members, AZFCU wanted to modernize further financially. They transform the data center and its security strategy.

The Arizona Federal Credit Union, under its jurisdiction as the National Credit Union Administration, with $1.5 billion. Further, with125 000 credit union affiliated chartered and governed. They found it in 1936 when the City of Phoenix group of workers pooled their money. Hence, with this fund, a federal loan union formed Phenix City employees. Further, fused into a federal loan union organized by other local loans.

The Difficulty

AZFCU invested deeply in it like many financial services companies.
Traditional IT technology for the distribution of facilities and protected membership records.
However, yesterday’s IT operations model was not understood enough to succeed in the banking industry of tomorrow. The aging computer, storage, and network facilities hindered the willingness of the credit union to operate rapidly.
New applications have also taken months to launch and stable.

“We want modern technologies proactively and this is a continuously growing advancement
A vital member service component” says Amy Hysell, Arizona Federal Credit Union’s chief vice president, and CIO.

Safety as priority

“But safety is always our priority number one.”

AZFCU is using external proxy servers in an attempt to isolate new worlds from its core network. However, they required more exposure as security and safety standards grew. There was also a need for greater DR and data security capacities to provide all applications with a swift, automatic failover, rather than only a handful.
In addition, the credit union increased productivity managing all core things with a single control console in the data center.

The Solution

In order to support AZFCU develop and deploy an active data center based on vSphere and NSX, AZFCU engaged IT partners, the Arizona-based vMware. The credit union does not prioritize applications in rehabilitation situations by coordinating the service distribution from two data centers over 20 miles.

AZFCU will improve application continuity and service availability without losing security with the use of NSX to expand networking and security. With NSX, IP addresses need not be reconfigured, security policies recreated. The credit union also uses NSX micro-segmentation for the separation and risk avoidance of critical systems. They handled the entire solution by VMware vCenter® which helps AZFCU in computing, storage, and networking in a single pane. VMware vRealize® OperationsTM offers clarity and organizational perspective through the entire infrastructure.

Results and benefits for industry

The enhancement offered a range of advantages, including quick service delivery. Higher affordability, better compliance and protection, and proactive administration.
“With VMware, a secure global data center architecture is being developed to enable the credit union to deliver the next generation of Member Services,” Hysell said.

AZFCU can deliver virtual servers easily and implements persistent granular protection policies.
Practical features like the online chat and scheduling of appointments using online and mobile tools are simple. In order to remind members of promotional deals or remind them of the attempts at fraud. Hence, AZFCU gives eligible members the option of obtaining pre-approved mobile loan packages and introduced app warnings.
It also offers a Cardpower program that allows users to control credit and debit cards and define locations and acceptable forms of transactions.

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