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Information Manager Research: Best Practices

Have you ever heard about information manager research? Are you interested to know about its best practices? If your answer is yes, then this article is made just for you.

Information Manager Research: Best Practices

The term information manager has been making rounds in the business arena for quite some time now. The role of information management is becoming increasingly vital and influential in the business world.

Information management is a functional area of information technology (IT). It deals with knowledge acquisition, storage and retrieval, and management of the information within an organization. Information managers handle, store and protect all kinds of information, both 

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digital and non-digital, useful or not, that is available in an organization.

Information management is a critical part of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise application integration (EAI) systems. It also plays an important role in the software development life cycle (SDLC), which includes requirements engineering and testing.

Information managers analyze the needs of enterprises and develop strategies for effectively storing and retrieving information. They design and implement processes, procedures, and methods for organizing, managing, retrieving, and disposing of information.

Information management is a process of identifying business information. And data sources that can be used to solve business problems and achieve business goals. Information is the key to the success of any organization. It helps an organization to design and develop products, identify markets, strategize future plans, forecast market value, etc.

Information Manager Research: Challenges

The role of information management is becoming increasingly difficult and challenging. The increased amount of data that needs to be stored. And retrieved and the many different types of information and data sources. And processes and tools that need to be integrated and analyzed. Has made the role of information management require a broad set of skills, abilities, and experiences.

Information management is a vast area with no clear-cut definition or boundaries. There is no universally accepted definition for it as such. Different organizations may define the term differently as per their own requirements. Some organizations confuse terms like information resources management (IRM), knowledge management (KM), content management (CM), etc. The result is that they end up developing systems that do not satisfy business needs.

The key challenges in information management are:

1. Lack of standardization in terms of definition and practices

2. Difficulty in comparison and benchmarking of information management practices

3. Difficulty in establishing best practices and benchmarking and setting standards and guidelines for them

4. Difficulties in capturing the best practices and making them available for others to learn from them

5. Need for benchmarking and setting standards and guidelines for the same.


To overcome the above-mentioned challenges, a structured methodology comprising three phases was devised:

Phase I

Information Manager Research Phase I involved research on various aspects of information management including background study of the subject, current scenario, definition of terms, etc. Phase I also involved an extensive review of existing research on the subject to identify gaps. It also included a review of various journal publications on information management to identify best practices.

Phase II

Information Manager Research Phase II involved developing a questionnaire-based survey to collect data from selected organizations which would help in identifying best practices that can be used as benchmarks by others

Phase III

Information Manager Research Phase III involved analysis of the results obtained from the survey along with the review of existing literature on the subject, followed by preparation of this report about best practices.

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