in information security, which of the following is an example of a threat actor

In Information Security, Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A Threat Actor?

In information security, which of the following is an example of a threat actor?

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What Is A Threat Actor in Information Security?

Today, there are so many security threats. We even get notified of news about it.

So, what is a threat actor?

A threat actor is like an enemy. In this context, it is an information security enemy.

It can also be a person or a group. Or just an entity or thing that is dangerous to infosec.

But, what about it? What happens if there are threat actors in information security?

Threat actors bring great harm to infosec. Besides, studies show that cybercrime will rise in 2021.

And we can only prevent one if we know about threat actors. So, we need to know more about them.

Now, let’s answer the question in the introduction. In information security, which of the following is an example of a threat actor?

Types of Threat Actors in Information Security

Let us talk about the following threat actors:

  1. Cyber terrorists
  2. Government-sponsored attackers
  3. Cybercriminals
  4. Hacktivists
  5. Insiders

Cyber Terrorists

What are cyber terrorists? And what do they do?

Nowadays, cyber terrorism is a big problem in the infosec world. For one thing, it interrupts important services.

It can even bring harm to critical infrastructures in a country. Also, they usually target the following:

  • businesses
  • state machinery
  • services like energy and transportation

Government-Sponsored Attackers

There are also attacks that government backs up. But, is that possible?

Yes, there are cases like that. But, why do they do so?

For one, they steal information from other agencies. But most of the time, they do it to attack other countries. So, they can get intellectual property.

They also target the following:

  • business
  • government organizations
  • other countries


Wherever we go, we can see crime. And that’s also true in the information security field.

But, what kinds of crimes do they do?

Cybercriminals steal the information of other people. So, they use the information to steal money.

But, how do they do this?

One way is to send phishing emails or links. Then, they hack a system.

They can also install ransomware. So, it freezes the computers.

And the file owner can only get the files if he pays. But, cybercriminals still don’t give it back.


Another threat actor is hacktivists. The hack was a way of protesting. But, why do they do this?

They usually do this to shame an organization. Or hack to leak information of other people. So, they expose a secret.


Finally, there are threat actors that work inside a company. And it is the least detected actor. But why?

At first, they act as good workers for security. But, they slowly get into the system.

Then, they bypass gaps when the time comes.

Threat Actor in Information Security Reasons

But, what are the reasons why they do this?

Here are some reasons why:

  • Technical – access a security system
  • Military – find military secrets and plans
  • Money – steal money
  • Fame – become famous in the field
  • Revenge – get back into someone
  • Political – know political secrets
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