health information manager roles and responsibilities

Health Information Manager Roles and Responsibilities

Do you know the facts about health information manager roles and responsibilities? If you are interested to know more about that, this article is a great help for you.

Health Information Manager Roles and Responsibilities

Health Insurance Billing Manager

A health insurance billing manager is a person who is responsible for the management and coordination of various activities related to health insurance billing. The main function of a health insurance billing manager is to be able to process claims as well as manage the patient’s accounts. As a health insurance billing manager, you are required to check and ensure that all claims and payments are made by the company’s policies and procedures.

Health Information Manager

A health information manager is a person who is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and security of patient records as well as managing the storage, retrieval, and usage of medical data. As a health information manager, you are required to ensure that the medical data is highly confidential and is not released to unauthorized personnel.

Health Information Manager Responsibilities 

Health information manager responsibilities include the following: 

  • They should be able to ensure that all medical information is kept confidential. 
  • They should be able to handle medical data in a highly secure manner. 
  • Also, they should be able to help communicate with other healthcare providers when it comes to patient’s health information.
  • They should be able to work closely with patients to record their medical history.
  •  They should be able to record hospitalization, surgeries, and other important events in a patient’s life.

How to become a health insurance billing manager?

Health insurance billing manager responsibilities include both administrative and clinical tasks that involve processing insurance claims from patients or providers of service. A health insurance billing manager job involves taking care of the billing aspect of a health care company’s business, which involves interacting directly with clients, collecting payments for services rendered, and resolving billing issues. 

These professionals may also have direct contact with members or patients of a particular facility or provider, or they may work primarily behind the scenes on the corporate side of the business. The main duties of a health insurance billing manager include: 

  • Creating an invoice for each client
  • Applying discounts, deductibles, and other incentives
  • Submitting claims electronically or by fax when needed
  • Collecting payments from clients by check, wire transfer, or credit card 

Health Insurance Billing Manager Job Description 

  • To manage all phases of health insurance billing management activities such as submitting claims for reimbursement, enrollment processing, customer service functions, and overseeing collection activities. 
  • Develops knowledge in areas of specialization such as industry-specific coding rules, coverage requirements, and reimbursement practices.

How to Become One?

Education Bachelor’s degree in related field; experience preferred; extensive knowledge related to assigned project areas; graduate study in related field preferred; certification (CPC) preferred. 

Additional Requirements Minimum 3 years in related field preferred; excellent customer service skills; proficiency with computer applications (Word, Excel, Outlook); proficiency with computerized billing systems including knowledge of coding rules; detail-oriented; ability to think logically and organize work effectively; ability to demonstrate proficiency with a wide range of insurance products.


The importance of health care bill managers, their roles, and responsibilities in the health care industry should be known by everyone, particularly by those who are interested to work in this field.

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