Cyber Security Risk Assessment Template

Cyber Security Risk Assessment Template

There are various cyber security risk assessment template. So let us learn in this article what templates are these.

Definition Of Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cyber security risk assessment is the basis of the risk management approach. It gives the understanding of your company stands.

You will able to know if your company is exposed to any threats or risks. Moreover, a risk assessment is a baseline and also the tracking guide for risk relief.

Therefore, it better to decide well what framework you should use in the process. 

Various Types Of Cyber Security Risk Assessment Templates

So many are thinking that templates are not suitable for risk assessment. Because they think why do we need a tailored approach in addressing the following:

  • potential risks
  • the potential impact
  • recognized risks

Though, a good thing is many now are adopting the guidance to assess the vulnerabilities and risk in the company.

So here are the following cyber security risk assessment template.

  • CIS Risk Assessment Method
  • NIST cybersecurity framework
  • ISO 27000 Assessment

We will tackle briefly these three templates.

CIS Risk Assessment Method

CIS or the center for internet security is primarily focused on cybersecurity research. Also, the CIS is responsible for building the Top 20 Security Controls.

Hallock security labs are created the CIS Risk Assessment Method. But it turns out that Hallock is the CIS to create a wide framework.

So as a result a version 1.0 is published in 2018. 

Also, another insight is the CIS RAM uses a tiered strategy in their goals. These tiers are aligned with the application of other frameworks.

NIST cybersecurity framework

A Special Publication, where the NIST describes their guidelines for managing a risk assessment. Moreover, the guidelines describe are already globally used in any industry.

No matter what the size of the company. Because the center of the NIST cybersecurity framework is to apply the best risk assessment.

Moreover, SP 800-30 and the CIS RAM both using the hierarchical model. Aso, they show the extent in results of risk assessment of the company.

Industries in defense and aerospace, federal and contractors are mostly using the SP 800-3. Because they are also the industries that need to meet the standard of the NIST CSF.

The ISO 27000 Risk Assessment

Well the ISO 27000 has a series of standards in recording risk management. Particularly the ISO 27005, in promoting companies.

Moreover, the ISO’s frameworks are working with cybersecurity in creating a risk-based program.

Also, there are similarities in NIST SP 800-30 and the ISO. Industries who meet the ISO is also the one who implements the ISO 2700.

So after choosing the template for your cyber security risk assessment. We will now give a brief method on how to apply it.

Implements Cyber Security Risk Assessment 

  • Create inventory systems and also the resources of the company.
  • Determine the potential weak points and also possible threats.
  • Learn the impacts of the risk. So you can rate them or do some draft.
  • Acquire and set the cybersecurity controls.
  • Assess and measure the effectiveness and repeat the process. 
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