Vendor Cybersecurity Questionnaire

Create A Vendor Cybersecurity Questionnaire

Learn what you should consider in the vendor cybersecurity questionnaire. Also, what are the important questions you need to include?

Introduction About The Vendor Cybersecurity Questionnaire

Nowadays many companies are relying on a third-party vendor for outsourcing services or products. So to secure your information assets, you need to monitor their cybersecurity

Your organization can do this monitoring through a strong questionnaire. Although, it can be a bit time-consuming. 

So some companies create security guidelines to help the development. 

It will serve as the benchmark for the companies in managing the risk. So here are the following key you need to look at when choosing one.

Vendor Security Questionnaire: Incident Response Plans

An incident response plan is a proposed set of actions. It is the action of your company to takes and relieves the impact of attacks.

The breach notification process is the one you need to inquire about. Breach notification laws need all information about the company.

Moreover, the questionnaire should evaluate the vendor’s ability. In analyzing and prioritizing the risk.

Make Your Vendor Information Security Program

It consists of the cybersecurity initiatives of the company. The initiatives in place in protecting the data and managing the risk.

Moreover, it allows the company to take a holistic method in cybersecurity. Also, it secures the coordination of security efforts.

All vendors need to secure the crucial data of their clients. Because ay leaked or lost of data can lead to serious matters.

Moreover, the vendor cybersecurity questionnaire should concern with the following parts:

  • Confidentiality

It refers to making sure that crucial information won’t end up in the wrong hands. So here are the following methods to keep the confidentiality:

  • two-factor authentication
  • data encryption
  • unique login information
  • Integrity

It concerns the authenticity of the data. Also a questionnaire should focus on the methods of the vendors in utilizing and protecting the data.

  • Availability

Maintain the availability of the data anytime. Also, an disaster recovery plan is key for data availability.

Because it will allow recovering damaged and lost data to be back up.

  • Disposal

Disposal of the data is should be part of the questionnaire. 

  • Know about the vendor removal process in place.
  • Verify if they comply with the process of data regulations.

 Important Questions

Here are the following important questions you need to include in your vendor cybersecurity questionnaires:

  • Does penetration testing is performed by a qualified third-party vendor?
  • Do they have a regular schedule? Also, when is the latest test?
  • Do they have a confirmed information security program in place? 
  • Is there any legal logical access evaluation process? 
  • How the vendor implements the systems of least privilege?
  • What is there a process of defending the data at servers and also backup media?
  • What is the measurement in protecting in-transit data between vendor and client? Also, the vendor to the end-user?
  • How is the physical storage such as hard drives, CD, etc is sanitize?
  • Do they have security training for employees and contractors?
  • Do they practice due diligence? 
  • Is the vendor have an incident management program?
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