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All About Information Manager Duties

What are the information manager duties? What is it all about? To know more about that, you should read this article until the end.

Information Manager Duties

As an information manager, there are three main duties that you should perform. These are the responsibilities that are faced by the managers in this career.

Give Information

The first job is to give information. That is, you need to give your employees the information that they need to do their work. For instance, if they need some data or some background information, you have to provide them with it. You can do so either verbally or through written documents.

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So, basically, giving information is the main job of an information manager. That is what your employees will rely on you for most of the time.

To be able to do this job well, you should be knowledgeable about many things. For example, you should know about the company. You need to know what you are working for, where it is located, what products they are making, etc.

Know the employees’ job

The second duty of an information manager is to know the jobs of your employees. This means that you should know their tasks and responsibilities. This will help you in giving them the information that they need.

You can get this knowledge in several ways. One of which is by asking the employees about their job. You can even talk to their supervisor if they are still new in their jobs.

Another way to get this knowledge is by reading the employee’s job description. This document will tell you what the employee needs to do, what his or her role is in the company, and so on.

Be a source of information

Lastly, being a source of information means providing answers to your staff’s questions. If they have some inquiries about something, you have to answer them so they can continue with their work.

Actually, this third duty is just an extension of the first one. That is because you can give answers to their questions by giving information to them verbally or through written documents.

You just have to do it in a more direct way. For example, if one of your workers has a question about customer support policy, then you should provide him/her with the details regarding that right away.

This will help not only your employees but also your company as a whole since they will be able to do their work well and achieve success as a result. the company’s history, its products, services, and its future plans.

 In addition, you should also be able to look into the future and predict what might happen in the company. So, basically, be well-informed about everything that is related to the company.


That is being said, being an information manager means being responsible for giving information to your employees. You are also responsible for knowing the jobs that your employees do. As well as being a source of information that they can rely on.

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